Blog Challenge – Day 28: Top 5 Moments in Your Life

This is the moment
When all I’ve done
All of the dreaming and scheming and screaming become one
This is the day
See it sparkle and shine
When all I’ve lived for
Becomes mine

And that’s how the song goes… LOL!

Hmmm… When you say moment, is this akin to achievement of sorts? Probably yes, eh? I don’t really count moments in my life or rank them based on the best one. So for this, let me try to dig through my scattered brain and see what we can come up with.

This is not ranked so I am just going to list down what I can remember the most.

  1. Drum recital. Probably. This was way back 2001, I think. LOL! After a long (and I mean very long) hiatus from performing on stage (naks!) – well, I used to perform on stage when I was a kid. Part of kids’ church performances before – this was the time that I had to be on stage and play in front of a lot of people that I didn’t know. I had no photos or videos taken of the event but my Dad was able to watch it. My Mom missed it though because she had to pick my sister up in town to watch my recital. The funny thing about that day was I didn’t know that we were supposed to be wearing something formal. I was wearing jeans, t-shirt and a tattered Tretorn shoes. Hahaha! And I forgot a few parts of my drum solo. :P Well, I didn’t take my rehearsals seriously to begin with. No, let me rephrase that. I didn’t take my lessons seriously. :P
  2. College Graduation. I graduated at the age of 19. And I didn’t even know if I was going to march. I almost did not. It’s a long story. And it’s been told several times. Suffice it to say that I made it. I fought for it. And I was the first grandchild on my Father’s side to graduate from college. That was such an achievement and it made my Dad proud. :)
  3. Parasailing. Only done this one time as of now during the 2008 team building activities in Boracay. I consider this a moment because of what I’ve felt when I was up in the air. It was exhilarating, I felt so free, so light, so high up. :D I don’t know. Being that high up in the air just gave me a good feeling. It was scary but it didn’t really give the kind of adrenaline rush that you get for doing one of those “high-octane” stuff you see on TV.
  4. Being on top of a mountain. Or rather, a hill. LOL! Climbing Jumbo (La Trinidad, Benguet) was a feat for me. My brothers and friends who were with us were very patient with me. It usually take them 30 minutes to climb it and it took us an hour to get to the top because of me. Haha! I am not fit for mountain climbing or any other physical activities for that matter. 10 minutes into the climb and I was about to give up and go back down and forget about the whole thing. They all helped me go further and I was grateful. The view from that hill came the early morning was so nice. And I enjoyed the company of friends even if our bonfire went out at about 3 AM, during the coldest part of the night. That was back in December 2010. :D I would like to join their other climbs but I am not fit to do so and besides, I’d rather spend my time with my little Z for now.
  5. The first time I met my son in person. But of course this is one of the best moments in my life. I just woke up in the recovery room about an hour after I gave birth and I was ready to punch the intern (I think) in the face for asking me if the delivery was painful (of course, it was painful!) but then he was a guy so there was no use. I asked for my baby and they brought little Z to me immediately. He was crying when I first saw him (I didn’t get to see him right away when he came out because I passed out immediately when they injected some meds in my IV line right after little Z came out) and quieted down when I held him and he heard my voice. :) Still the best moment of my life. :D

So, those are the top 5 moments that I could really think of for now. I am sure there are a lot more better moments than some of the ones I listed above but then it would take me quite sometime to dig them out of my brain.


Blog Challenge – Day 27: Something You Miss

I brought the little boy home to the mountain city and as I type this, I am already in the bus waiting for it to bring me back to the big metro.

So, if you ask now, I haven’t left yet but I miss my little Z. :-( It’s going to be another long week before I get to see him. *Sigh*.

Well, I miss a lot of things. I miss the impulsive roadtrips, I miss my night outs, I miss spending time with my little boy. Yep, it will always go back to that.

Before I had my son, I was too impulsive with the decisions I made most of the time. I was an impulsive spender (well, I still am an impulsive spender, but not as I used to). Now, the impulse to buy something is usually for my little kiddo. I can’t even remember the last time I bought something for myself. But even then, I still curb the impulse to buy the cute stuff I see for my son but I do give in to a few. :-)

Roadtrips nowadays consist of going to the mountain city and back to the big metro. No more segue to anywhere else. There are times that I want to still do that but that would be choosing between spending my time off from work elsewhere or spend it with my little boy. That’s a no-brainer. I could always bring my little boy with me but right now, I still don’t have the capability to do that. It would not be an impulsive trip, rather a planned one.

You can’t blame me if I say that I miss my night outs. That was how I used to spend my weekend nights before I got pregnant. Now, I’d rather spend my time with my son but every now and then, I do crave the company of the people I used to hang out with.

These would be easy to do for those parents in an ideal setup but, well, our setup is a little bit different. I don’t want to waste time doing things without my son.

I guess, at the end of the day, the ultimate thing I miss is my “me” time. I no longer get to do that. Maybe in the future. Who knows, right?

Blog Challenge – Day 26: A Difficult Time in Your Life

Before I became a Mom, I thought that the most difficult time in my life was when I lost my Dad. Before that, I thought that the most difficult time was getting the job that I really want (well, ideal job, that is. Then reality came knocking. Haha!).

All that faded when I became a Mom and the excitement and joy I’ve felt as a first time Mom was immediately snuffed out of me when I had to rush my son to the emergency room at just 4 days old then again at three weeks old.

During my son’s first month, we were at the hospital longer than we were at home. Instead of enjoying my time being a Mom to my son, I started to dread it because I felt that I was the cause why my son was sick. The whole experience was a nightmare.

I almost lost it when my son was confined the second time because he was failing to thrive. He was breastfed and he was feeding well (from what I knew back then) but for some reason, he was losing weight. Had my Mom not urged me make a decision to confine my little Z, I would have probably lost him.

It was a nightmare, really. And I would say it again. That first month was a nightmare. I didn’t have any idea if my son would make it but he was fighting. And I could he how he fought. So, no matter how hard it was, I had to fight with him. Until I was about to fight with one of his doctors. Learning that he wasn’t confident that my son would make it that time made me all the more determined to ensure that my son thrives. And he did.

At the end of the day, I guess the most difficult times I’ve had way back became trivial. Losing a parent is how the cycle of life goes. I guess it is easily more accepted that a parent is gone as we know that somehow, they have lived a fulfilled life. But losing a child? I was close to losing my son. Until now, I could not forget the more-than-awful feeling I’ve had back then. It felt like you are being gutted so many times and even if you give up and turn away, that void left in you could never be filled.

I am just so glad that my son and I surpassed all that. :)

Blog Challenge – Day 25: Your Favorite Recipe & Comfort Food

It has been a very long week and I am so glad that it is now the weekend.

This week’s weather was alternating between gloomy and rainy. I think it was just this afternoon that the sun came out. Well, what would you expect? It’s July. It’s the rainy season in this side of the world. And during cold, rainy days, I would just want to crawl into bed with a bowl of hot soup and a good book. Oh wait, that would had been what I’d be doing if I was all alone. :) But since I now have a little one of my own, on a cold, rainy day, I would just want to stay in bed with the little boy playing or watching a movie. :D

I don’t really have a favorite recipe. But if you ask me my favorite food, then I think I already blogged something about it before. :D I am not much of a cook nowadays, to be honest. I can cook, sure. I know how to follow a recipe if I have a dish that I really want to cook but don’t know how. But all in all, I know how to cook. It’s just that I seldom do it. So for now, I guess I couldn’t really say if I have a favorite recipe. Uhm, does pinikpikan count even if I am not the one who cooks it? :P

Talking about comfort food is a different thing. My comfort food varies on how I feel as well as the season. Like nowadays, it rains every now and then. First thing that comes to mind will be hot soup. And one of my favorite hot soup is chicken macaroni soup. And yes, I know how to cook chicken macaroni soup. I guess I would say that it is my ultimate comfort food during the rainy days. :)

Other food that I usually take comfort from would be cakes. And that is judging on what I had been craving for during stressful times. I wouldn’t really say that I am totally a cake addict. It’s just that there are times when I want a piece of cake (I mean, literally) but not the too sweet kind. Hmm…

Well, coffee doesn’t really count as food but I do find comfort in having coffee, most especially when sharing it with a friend. :)

I have been thinking about chicken macaroni soup for the past few days now. I guess I’m going to cook tomorrow. :)

Blog Challenge – Day 24: Three Things – 2 True and 1 False


With all the truths that I’ve been spilling out on this blog, it becomes hard to really come up with something untrue anymore without revealing something else with a false statement.

So how do I come up with this. Hmmm. Not so easy. LOL!

Let’s see here. I guess I will just come up with three things and it will be up to you, my dear readers, to identify which are true and which is false. Not that I will be confirming if your guesses are correct, anyway. :D

So, here’s the three things:

  • As a kid, I hated afternoon naps. Who didn’t, right? :D I would pretend to nap until either my Mom or my Uncle (who watches us in the afternoon when the folks are out) had taken their naps as well. I would escape from the house, passing by the back door and off to the playground I go to play with the other kids staying at the bunk houses.
  • I was a hopeless romantic. I used to daydream about my own fairy tale-like love story and would even write about it in my journal. Any my prince charming would be the used to be long haired blue eyed angel. :P
  • When I was 16, I applied for a summer job as a promotional girl because I wanted to have money since there was no allowance during vacation.

Well, there goes the three things that I could share. I guess it is up to you then to judge which one was the false statement. :D





Blog Challenge – Day 23: What’s Your Schedule Like?

Crazy. That’s the word that can best describe my current schedule.

I have two kinds of schedule: 1) when my son is with me and 2) when my son is not with me.

When my son is with me, I wake up very early to give him his milk. That’s about 6-7 in the morning. Then I take a short nap while he plays beside me. Then I get up and prepare his meal, feed him then bathe him. Then we play again. Then he takes his morning nap. I take a nap as well before I start preparing for work. I stay at work on the average of 12 hours (which I try to lessen when my little Z is here so I can have some time to spend with him). Then I come home to my sleeping little boy and wait until his next feeding before I sleep.

When my son is not with me in the big metro, I catch up on sleep. Once I wake up, I start preparing for work, stay at work for about the same amount of time, come home, do some chores then sleep. Then I go home to the mountain city to spend the weekend with my son.

There are twists in that schedule, too. For example, earlier this month, instead of an afternoon shift, I had to go on day shift because of work requirement. So I get up at around 7am (or 8am the latest), feed and bathe the little boy then prepare for work. I had been coming home for about 10 or 11 in the evening and stay up until about 2am, after little Z’s feeding.

There are quite a few deviations of my schedule but trust me when I say that my schedule is very crazy and very chaotic. I am still trying to better manage everything. Well, what can I say, that’s part of my new role as a single working mom. I am still in the adjustment stage, so to speak. Though I am hoping to get things a little more balanced.

Blog Challenge – Day 22: What You Want to Do for a Living

Another day is over. Well, work day that is. I’ve been through three calls and one long list (VERY long) of items that I needed to review that I was already getting cross-eyed with all the rows and columns of the spreadsheet I was working on. *Sigh*

I have been thinking about this again lately, to be honest. Just a part of my annual self-assessment, I guess.

When I was a kid, being a pediatrician was what I have wanted to do for a living. I love being around kids so I thought it would be fun to be able to help them. Then comes high school. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. :P My view of what I wanted to do for a living changed all of a sudden. During those days, I wanted to have my own recording studio. Uh huh, you read that right. Haha! But then, back in those days, I never really thought how expensive that would cost. Recording equipment alone (the ones of good quality) could go up to about half a million (and that’s not even the high end equipment).

Owning a recording studio was one of my dreams, to be honest. That was the driving factor why I took up IT (though my expectation of being an IT that time and what being an IT professional really mean are two different things. And I mean, WAAAAAY different). Then came college and my dream shattered. Well, not totally. I might not be able to own a recording studio but I still planned to set up my own music room once I have my own house.

Then comes the early stages of being a young professional. That was when I got introduced to bars and coffee shops. That was when I wanted to own my own bar cafe – coffee shop during the day, bar comes the night. Cool, eh? I wanted to be a business woman, so to speak. Well, I guess until now I still want to own one. At least a coffee shop will do in the mean time.

Right now, I am an employee. I am a part of the rat race (that circular thing where you let your hamster run and run and run and run until it finally figures out how to get off it). I love what I do as an employee and that is what I do for a living at this time. I also want to become an investor – stocks, mutual funds and the likes. The type where you just shell out the cash and you make it work for you without exerting much effort. That, I guess, is the ultimate thing that I wanted to do for a living. Making my money work for me instead of me working for money.

I wonder when I can get back on that track. I think I am on my way back on that trail. ;)