Blog Challenge – Day 24: Three Things – 2 True and 1 False


With all the truths that I’ve been spilling out on this blog, it becomes hard to really come up with something untrue anymore without revealing something else with a false statement.

So how do I come up with this. Hmmm. Not so easy. LOL!

Let’s see here. I guess I will just come up with three things and it will be up to you, my dear readers, to identify which are true and which is false. Not that I will be confirming if your guesses are correct, anyway. :D

So, here’s the three things:

  • As a kid, I hated afternoon naps. Who didn’t, right? :D I would pretend to nap until either my Mom or my Uncle (who watches us in the afternoon when the folks are out) had taken their naps as well. I would escape from the house, passing by the back door and off to the playground I go to play with the other kids staying at the bunk houses.
  • I was a hopeless romantic. I used to daydream about my own fairy tale-like love story and would even write about it in my journal. Any my prince charming would be the used to be long haired blue eyed angel. :P
  • When I was 16, I applied for a summer job as a promotional girl because I wanted to have money since there was no allowance during vacation.

Well, there goes the three things that I could share. I guess it is up to you then to judge which one was the false statement. :D





Blog Challenge – Day 23: What’s Your Schedule Like?

Crazy. That’s the word that can best describe my current schedule.

I have two kinds of schedule: 1) when my son is with me and 2) when my son is not with me.

When my son is with me, I wake up very early to give him his milk. That’s about 6-7 in the morning. Then I take a short nap while he plays beside me. Then I get up and prepare his meal, feed him then bathe him. Then we play again. Then he takes his morning nap. I take a nap as well before I start preparing for work. I stay at work on the average of 12 hours (which I try to lessen when my little Z is here so I can have some time to spend with him). Then I come home to my sleeping little boy and wait until his next feeding before I sleep.

When my son is not with me in the big metro, I catch up on sleep. Once I wake up, I start preparing for work, stay at work for about the same amount of time, come home, do some chores then sleep. Then I go home to the mountain city to spend the weekend with my son.

There are twists in that schedule, too. For example, earlier this month, instead of an afternoon shift, I had to go on day shift because of work requirement. So I get up at around 7am (or 8am the latest), feed and bathe the little boy then prepare for work. I had been coming home for about 10 or 11 in the evening and stay up until about 2am, after little Z’s feeding.

There are quite a few deviations of my schedule but trust me when I say that my schedule is very crazy and very chaotic. I am still trying to better manage everything. Well, what can I say, that’s part of my new role as a single working mom. I am still in the adjustment stage, so to speak. Though I am hoping to get things a little more balanced.

Blog Challenge – Day 22: What You Want to Do for a Living

Another day is over. Well, work day that is. I’ve been through three calls and one long list (VERY long) of items that I needed to review that I was already getting cross-eyed with all the rows and columns of the spreadsheet I was working on. *Sigh*

I have been thinking about this again lately, to be honest. Just a part of my annual self-assessment, I guess.

When I was a kid, being a pediatrician was what I have wanted to do for a living. I love being around kids so I thought it would be fun to be able to help them. Then comes high school. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. :P My view of what I wanted to do for a living changed all of a sudden. During those days, I wanted to have my own recording studio. Uh huh, you read that right. Haha! But then, back in those days, I never really thought how expensive that would cost. Recording equipment alone (the ones of good quality) could go up to about half a million (and that’s not even the high end equipment).

Owning a recording studio was one of my dreams, to be honest. That was the driving factor why I took up IT (though my expectation of being an IT that time and what being an IT professional really mean are two different things. And I mean, WAAAAAY different). Then came college and my dream shattered. Well, not totally. I might not be able to own a recording studio but I still planned to set up my own music room once I have my own house.

Then comes the early stages of being a young professional. That was when I got introduced to bars and coffee shops. That was when I wanted to own my own bar cafe – coffee shop during the day, bar comes the night. Cool, eh? I wanted to be a business woman, so to speak. Well, I guess until now I still want to own one. At least a coffee shop will do in the mean time.

Right now, I am an employee. I am a part of the rat race (that circular thing where you let your hamster run and run and run and run until it finally figures out how to get off it). I love what I do as an employee and that is what I do for a living at this time. I also want to become an investor – stocks, mutual funds and the likes. The type where you just shell out the cash and you make it work for you without exerting much effort. That, I guess, is the ultimate thing that I wanted to do for a living. Making my money work for me instead of me working for money.

I wonder when I can get back on that track. I think I am on my way back on that trail. ;)



Blog Challenge – Day 21: Where You’ve Traveled?

Oooh, this is going to be quite a long post. :P :D

When I was a kid, I have dreamed of travelling the world. There was even a time when I wanted to work abroad but that died quickly when I realized that I cannot stay away for so long. Then I have dreamed of travelling abroad for vacation purposes only. :)

When I was a kid, we only had road trips, if you may. We go to the province and spend overnight at the beach on New Year or sometimes, if not overnight, we go on a day trip to the beach during summertime. The farthest that I’ve been to when I was in grade school was 7 hours bus ride away from home.

Fast forward to a lot of years later – the farthest I traveled to from the mountain city was here in the big metro. And when I accepted the job offer of my employer, I began travelling thousands of miles away.

During my first year in my current company, our summer outing was held in Puerto Galera. That was the first time that I left the big island of Luzon. 8 months into my employment, I was sent to Singapore for a 2-day cross training. That was my first plane ride as well and I still remember the phone conversation I had with my Dad before the plane took off.


waiting for our flight

waiting for our flight



playtime at work :P

playtime at work :P

A few months after that, I was part of the group that was sent to the US for a conference and client visit. We have visited several States, too. What I liked during this travel was that, it was fall. I loved the idea of fall. And getting to experience that was awesome for me. :D It was a three-week business trip.

We spent overnight in Los Angeles, CA before flying out to Austin, Texas (where our head offices are) and spent three and a half days for cross training, discussions and last minute preparation for the upcoming conference. (I can’t post the other photos because it has our company logo so this is the best one that I can find from whatever is left in my archives).

Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin

After Texas, we flew to Pittsburgh, PA for a meet and greet session with one of our offices there and to set up the conference room in the hotel for the upcoming client conference.

Dancing fountain near Sheraton Square hotel

Dancing fountain near Sheraton Square hotel

A view of downtown Pittsburgh in the background

A view of downtown Pittsburgh in the background

cheers! @hardrock cafe

cheers! @hardrock cafe

After a tiring week, we flew to Eden Prairie, MN to visit another office there. It was there where we got to experience snowfall although it wasn’t enough to cover the ground. And the snowfall was only for a few minutes before we left for the office.

there goes the snow :)

there goes the snow :)

The famous Mall of America

The famous Mall of America

After two days in MN, 3 of the group went their separate ways for a separate set of clients to visit and another colleague and I went together as well. That was when the “hardcore” travelling came. From Minnesota, we went to New York. Not New York City but Upstate New York. We went to Albany where night falls at around 4 in the afternoon during that time. :D We spent the weekend there and met with the client on a Monday afternoon. Early the next day, we took the train going to New York City so we can get a cab going to New Jersey. The office that we visited was only an hour away from the city. We stayed overnight then had to check out very early the next day to catch our flight going to Louisiana.

Grumpy so early in the morning. Awaiting flight at Newark Airport, NJ

Grumpy so early in the morning. Awaiting flight at Newark Airport, NJ

Margarita night in Baton Rouge, LA

Margarita night in Baton Rouge, LA

After Louisiana, we had to catch another flight very early the next day going to Memphis, TN to visit another client. They brought us to Rendezvous for dinner. They are famous for the dry rub ribs and I can say that it was really excellent. :D

Memphis Airport

Memphis Airport

Our very gracious host for the night. Dinner at Rendezvous :)

Our very gracious host for the night. Dinner at Rendezvous :)

It didn’t end there. LOL! Early the next day (it was already a Friday), we took the plane going back to Texas.This time, we went to Dallas for the last client visit. We spent another night there then took the bus going back to Austin to visit my colleague’s friend (and to get one of his luggage that he left earlier) and to visit the outlet stores for last minute shopping before coming back home.

My travels didn’t end there. But for business related though, it took several years before I was sent elsewhere. The above mentioned travels were way back 2007. Yep, that long ago. :D

In 2008, our company (we still had a big budget back then) flew us to Boracay for a 3D/2N team building activities. That was my first time to fly domestic.

Then my travels went on hiatus. After 4 years, I went back to the US for a week and a half for some process discussions and a client visit. Then just last year, I was sent to Ede, The Netherlands for a week for process discussions as well and some knowledge transfer. Then a month after that, I went to Palawan for a much needed solo vacation (though I wasn’t really alone that time because I was pregnant with little Z :) ).

So there. I am hoping to visit a few more places in the next few years because I don’t think that I have traveled enough just yet. I just need to make sure I get my passport replaced and get Z’s passport, too (yeah, yeah, I know. I was planning to do this last month but HR still didn’t return Z’s birth certificate because SSS was not responding to them so I had to get him another one). I’ll process Z’s passport once I get mine. :)

And I just remembered, I already posted something similar to this previously. You can read all about it here. :D







Blog Challenge – Day 20: Something You are Trying to Figure Out

It’s been a lazy day today. We spent the day indoors. In other words, we didn’t go out. :D We’ve been out 4 days last week and I have been feeling exhausted that I decided that we stay indoors for a change. Besides, I needed the rest.

For this challenge, I do have a lot of things that I have been trying to figure out. I’ve been trying to figure out how Sofia the first became a princess, for one, LOL! I’ve also been trying to figure out how the Dragonball story really ended. Hahahaha! I guess we’ve all been wondering about that.  Unless there’s a real fanatic out there reading this post who knows, please do share. :)

Kidding aside, if there’s one thing that I am trying to figure out right now, it is how to get back to being financially independent. I’ve been there before but with all of little Z’s unforeseen medical expenses, my reserve has already been depleted and somehow, I am still in the red. Big, bright, blinking red (just to emphasize). As of now, I only have my salary as my source of funds but, come on, let’s face it, it’s not nearly enough. Doctors are expensive, you know. And multiple doctors will again, get a big chunk of my budget (along with all the required and necessary lab works, therapy sessions and other what-nots). Apart from that, my son is growing up so fast. He’s going to need a whole lot more stuff (more toys, bigger clothes – well, basically a change of wardrobe, formula and food and other supplies).

One good decision that I have done for little Z so far is to set up is own investment fund. I have started small but I need to add up to that in the next few months, too, for it to really grow. Eventually, I might use that once he starts school. I have my own investment funds as well (which I really need to update – I need to contact my agent real soon) but that will take time before it really matures. So I am saving that up for our future.

But other than that, how do you get rich? It is not enough to have a bank savings (we all know how low the interest rate provided by banks), it’s not enough to have investments that have long term maturity period (you can’t touch those funds for a few years anyway), and employment is not enough source as well. And trust me, if you tell me to become a entrepreneur, I have already heard that a whole lot of times in my life. My problem there is – what business am I going to set up? And where will I get the funds to get started? And how will I divide my time between my son, my work and a business if that happens? *Sigh* not an easy one. So, at the end of the day, here’s something that I am specifically trying to figure out: How do you get extra income without totally sacrificing the current set up? Not an easy one to answer if you ask me.

Well, if ever you find an answer to that, drop me a comment or an email. :)


Blog Challenge – Day 19: 20 Facts About Yourself

I had a hard time coming up with 5 random facts about me that last time. Now you’re asking for 20. Really?!

Hmmm… I am going to cheat on this one again. Haha! Since I already shared 5 previously, I will be coming up with 15 this time. Here goes:

  1. When I was a kid, about 4th grade and earlier, I loved wearing dresses. As much as possible, I wore a dress every Sunday to church or even when the family has to go somewhere (to either attend and event or something).
  2. For the longest time, I had wanted to become a Pediatrician. I wanted to become a doctor and I love kids so I figured, becoming a pedia was the best bargain I could get.
  3. I hate snakes. I don’t like snakes. Looking at pictures of it gives me the creeps and goosebumps and nightmares. Don’t you dare show me a photo or a live one, else you’re dead.
  4. When I was a kid, I wanted to be about 5’7″ tall when I turn 17. Well, I never reached it. Haha! Hey, I didn’t know back then that height is hereditary. :P
  5. I am a procrastinator. I guess I don’t need to explain this further. Haha!
  6. When I was a kid, I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t have my Care Bear doll beside me. If it wasn’t on the bed, I would not sleep until I find it, even if my parents get mad at me.
  7. I used to have a baby blanket that I use to cover my pillows. My Mom got it because I think it was going to be used by a baby (not sure if it was my youngest brother or my cousin). I didn’t want to let that go for a long, long time. I can’t remember what they did to get it from me.
  8. Before I graduated from college, I planned to retire by age 35. (Uh yeah, sure…)
  9. Here’s a fun fact: I graduated from college by age 19. Whoopee!
  10. I wanted to learn how to speak German when I was in high school.
  11. I studied the map of the US and memorized the states due to boredom during vacation in high school.
  12. When I was young, I planned to be a successful corporate executive and married with 2 kids by age 25 (yeah, I really gave myself tight schedules… LOL!)
  13. Back in college, before going to school in the morning, I watch Blue’s Clues, Cow and Chicken and Hi-5 (yes, there was already Hi-5 that time).
  14. Right now, I am having a hard time gaining weight. I still need about 5 lbs added so I will be within  the normal range.
  15. Last but not the least. I love my son more than anything else in this world and if I have to work extended hours and lose sleep that so I can provide everything he needs and still be able to spend time with him, then I would gladly do so. Only for my son. :)

There. I have now completed the 20. Just a rundown on the first 5 previously written, here goes:

    1. I guess there’s no brainer with this one. I am a control-freak. I like taking charge and being in control and I want things done the way I see fit. I get frustrated with situations that I have no say or no control about it.
    2. I am impatient. I have a tendency to go crazy mad or depressed if I don’t get what I want at a time that I have set for it.
    3. I have impulsive tendencies. I am an impulsive shopper. As long as I have the moolah and I see something that I want, I buy it. No second thoughts. Period.
    4. I love travelling may it be local or international. Road trip, plane ride or boat ride, let me know, I’m game.  :-)
    5. This is going to be a big surprise for a few people out there, I think. For a long time now, I have been thinking of buying myself a pair of those 6-inch killer stilettos just for the sake of having one. My only problem is, I don’t know how to walk in them. Haha!

Oh well. Haha. Now you are starting to get to know me a little bit better. Haha!

And The Journey Begins Again…

My son’s medical journey, I mean.

After several months of hiatus from the rigorous process of setting doctors’ appointments and consultations, we are once again back in the same route. Before I go further, let me share this to you:


Yes, I finally became a member of DSAPI. After several months of contemplation, I finally realized and accepted that I need them for my son. Let’s just say that I am still in the process of accepting my new reality and that it was not the reality that I had hoped and planned for. It’s not going to as easy as 1-2-3, you know. It takes time to let all those hopes and dreams go and build new ones. I am still a work in progress. So becoming a member has been a big step for me.

Now, enough of that, before I go teary-eyed and start to pour my heart out (trust me, you wouldn’t want to know all that :P ). Becoming a member of DSAPI has quite a few perks. Given that it is not easy (and I mean NOT easy) getting an appointment with a Development Pediatrician, DSAPI was tapped by Ateneo School of Medicine for their outreach program. The slots were limited (as I think there was only 4 slots for each Friday until the last Friday of August) but I was able to secure a schedule for my little Z.

The consultation was done at MedMom Child Development Clinic in Fun Ranch, Ortigas, Pasig. We got there about quarter to 1 PM and the doctor arrived about an hour after. Little Z was assessed a few minutes after that.

Z was assessed on 5 areas based on the Griffiths Mental Development Scales:

  • Locomotor Scale
  • Personal-Social Scale
  • Hearing and Speech Scale
  • Eye-Hand Coordination Scale
  • Performance Scale
  • Practical Reasoning Scale – this is not yet applicable for little Z

Overall, Little Z has global development delay. He’s already 10.5 months old but in terms of development, overall, he is at around 5 months. I guess I knew that all along but hearing it said out loud from a reliable source (aka Dev-Pedia), I felt heartbroken.

The doctor talked to me outside of the room while my sister watched my little boy while the medical students check on Z’s stats further. I was actually hearing what the doctor was saying but something in me just wanted to start arguing with her. Good thing I was able to keep my composure and was still polite all through out. The doctor explained that her assessment was based on what she was able to observe during the time that she saw my son. My only problem there was that the assessment was done when Z had just awoken from his nap because he was disturbed. Given that his nap was disturbed, you couldn’t really expect him to be his usual talkative and playful self. He did babble a bit during the assessment but not the usual one when he is wide awake. He didn’t reach much of the toys showed to him regardless of the color because he was more distracted by the environment he was in. My son knows when he is in a new place. You would have to give him about an hour to observe his surroundings before he would totally divert his attention to anything else.

I guess I just find it quite unfair that my son was assessed in such a wrong time. But I guess that is me being the distrustful mom when it comes to doctors. I dunno, I guess the first few months that my son and I went through just made a dent in me that I find myself questioning everything a doctor is saying. Well, with a few exceptions, of course.

Maybe the assessment is accurate, maybe it’s a bit off. Regardless, my son has developmental delays – I do accept that – and it is something that I need to address as soon as possible. He was also recommended for a thyroid test which I had it done this afternoon (poor little Z cried while being restrained prior to being pricked with a needle for another blood extraction). The results will be released by Tuesday. Crossing my fingers that it will all be normal (or passed, whatever the terminology is used there).

And so there starts our second leg of the medical journey. He needs to be checked by a cardio again (hopefully the hole in his heart already closed) and he still needs to see a geneticist (so we will know what else we need to monitor). Another one that I need to decide on real soon is his physical therapy. *Sigh*

So many decisions to make and so may appointments to set all at once. This is another set of information and emotional stress overload.

Well, welcome to my new reality.

Before I end this, let me share one other photo taken earlier in the day. Cute, eh? :D