How’s it going, Momma?

It’s already the eleventh month of the year. And I have just glanced at my system calendar and I am reminded of this line – “remember, remember, the 5th of November”. Yep, it’s already the 5th of November this side of the world. Seriously, where has time gone? Why so fast?

This post is just going to be some babble from me. It’s already past 5AM here but I have just gotten comfortable in my bed as I type this. I should be sleeping, I know. I guess I just wanted to drop a quick post before I lose it again.

Anyway, I think I already mentioned in one of my posts that I have been quite busy with all the things happening around me. I think it was more of having a very busy mind – wandering mind, wondering, thinking, analyzing. What about, you might ask. I honestly don’t know. Random thoughts, probably. What ifs, what will be, where am I, where am I going. Yeah, I’m deep. Har har!

But seriously, I have been doing a lot of thinking these past few months. And do you know that feeling you get when you’re stuck? I think I am at that point in my life. It’s more of like being in a transition stage but I am not sure what and where am I transitioning to. Do you get it? I don’t think I do. :P

On the other hand, so far, in the overall scheme of things, I think I am still doing good somehow. I am staying afloat amidst all the troubles my restless mind has been causing me. I think I am still at the right path and I can still see the direction I wanted to take, albeit a bit hazy. All I know is I need to regroup and draft a new working plan.

So I guess that quite answers my own question. The going is currently tough and the roads are rough but hey, this is where we are being molded into something better. I am hanging in there. :)

Okay, here’s the real answer to my title. The serious answer, really. For months now, I have been craving for isaw. And I am getting crazy here because I know where I can get great tasting isaw, it’s just that it is out of my way to work and the place is already closed when I go home. So there. Isaw!!!!!!!

Okthanksbye, Iamhittingthesacknow, goodmornight…

Blogapalooza 2015

In just a few short days, this coming Sunday, is one of the events that a lot of bloggers are waiting for – the Blogapalooza!

Blogapalooza started in 2011 with an annual Blogapalooza event that run for a day. It was an invite only event that only Bloggers and Businesses can attend. The rule was simple, Businesses present their products / services and build relationships with the Bloggers, while Bloggers get to see what’s new and network with Businesses to make deals happen.

The idea came about as there are too many blogger events each day, it would be hard for a Business to prepare an event and invite bloggers to their event (effort-wise, cost-wise, attendance-wise). So when we pool together the most interesting products and services and invite Bloggers, it saves them time and money (transportation, etc.) and gets them access to numerous Businesses. While Businesses enjoy high attendance rates of Bloggers and a very good number to tap.

Blogapalooza Events are composed of a Interesting Business Presentations, Entertainment, Trade Shows and Networking. Our events are always well attended and has always reached our target number (if not more) and promise to Businesses and Sponsors. We intend to improve this as we do more and more events in the future.

Today, Blogapalooza has diversified, from simply running one big annual event to running smaller events and a newsletter. We’re in the process of restructuring to offer more services and help more Bloggers and Businesses. (source)

I was able to attend my first ever Blogapalooza last year, and even if I was not able to stay until the end, I have enjoyed the experience. I also met a few bloggers that made the experience all the more enjoyable for me.


Blogapalooza 2014 with May and Jhanis :)

And I just remembered, I need to have my business card printed already. I asked my brother to design it for me as for some reason, I cannot squeeze some creative juices out of my almost fried brain. Looks great! I will post it some other time. :)

Blogapalooza 2015 is already on the 25th October from 10AM – 9PM at One Esplanade, SM Central Business Park, Seaside corner Bay Boulevard, Pasay City

See you at the event!

Hello? Still there?

Yep, I am still here. Haha!

Geez, I haven’t realized that it has been more than a month since my last post. Where did all those time go? Anyway, I am just dropping by (yes, I am dropping by my own blog, yeesh) just to say I am still alive and very much kicking. LOL!

It has been a very busy time these past few weeks and I will be sharing some of the things that have kept me busy in the next coming weeks. I will definitely make time to blog, I promise. Well, apart from being busy with stuff, I think I had a writer’s block (maka-writer, wagas!) and I just can’t come up with words to write and I always end up with a blank space in front of me. #stresspamore

So, again, I just dropped by to say I am still here and working on a few posts hopefully within this week. So sit back, relax and chill. LOL!

Can’t wait for this weekend’s event, though. Who’s going to Blogapalooza? See you there!


Throwback Moment…

Eversince I got pregnant, I made it a habit to write letters to my baby to tell him how I feel, what I did for the day, and other what-nots. The first few letters I wrote to my baby are now gone, unfortunately, as I did not post those online. These past few days, I have gone back to my other blog to read the letters I wrote to my son when I was still pregnant with him and it brought back all those mixed emotions but mostly the joy and excitement I have felt those times.

Today, 2 years ago, while my son was sleeping beside me, I have written the first letter after he was born.  Reading this letter has brought me back to that very quiet early dawn while I composed this and I remembered how I felt while writing this. Two years after writing this and I still feel the same.  And I realized that my life has been fully changed by my son ever since. I posted it in my one other blog and I just want to share it here. So here goes:


Dear Baby Love,

with my baby love

with my baby love

For 38 weeks I have awaited your arrival and now, here you are. You have arrived at last, filling my days with overwhelming joy with just your presence alone.

I have never dreamed that I would, one day, have someone call me Mommy. I almost gave up that thought and was about to resign myself to the fact that I will forever be the Aunt or the Godmother. But you changed all that. You came into my life at the best time possible.

I was losing focus of my goals and my own personal perspective. I was running in circles, always going back to square one and not accomplishing a thing. I kept thinking of the real purpose why I do things however, I am not able to find one. I was becoming a headless chicken running around with no direction.

I was already getting accustomed to the purposeless life I led and was starting not to care. Until the day I got the unexpected news. I was scared when I learned of your existence. A million questions were running through my head. What have I gotten myself into? Is this real? Am I dreaming? How do I tell my family? Can I raise you on my own? How will I adjust to a new lifestyle? But at the same time, I was filled with explainable joy. After so many crossroads I’ve been to that always led me back to square one, I was able to find a road that will give my life meaning. You became the reason why I do the things I do. You became my motivation to move forward, to become a better person, to be the person that you need.

Your first ultrasound didn’t show anything that hit me with my new reality. It was all so surreal. But on the second ultrasound we had, that was when I first saw you. Such a tiny baby with your heart beating and your arm moving. I couldn’t believe the fact that I am going to have you and yet I fell in love with you at that moment. That was when my whole perspective changed.

10 weeks

10 weeks

Every waking moment I try to imagine what you would look like, what you would be like. And every moment before I sleep, I tell you of my wishes and dreams for you. And I would imagine you listening intently to what I was saying and probably agreeing to some of them.

Week after week, I watched and felt you grow. I was always trying to feel your movements. I was actually excited to feel your kicks and your rolls. And you didn’t disappoint me. I felt your movement quite early in fact. That was such a joyous morning. I am the type of person who likes to be in control. But with you, sweet love, I never had the control. I never knew what to expect when it comes to you. You were always so full of surprises. You let me know what you like and dislike even when you were still inside my tummy. And it was fun to learn those things about you.

weekly growth

weekly growth

Seeing you on the screen and seeing you for the very first time are very different experiences. When you were brought to me for the very first time, you were crying. But when I held you and you heard my voice, you quieted down. Holding you in my arms for the very first time felt like heaven and seeing you melted my heart. You made me forget of the pain that I had just gone through for several hours prior to your arrival.

For the past 38 weeks, baby love, I was alone in my journey as I waited for your arrival. Now that you are here, your own journey begins. But know that you are not alone. I will always be here for you, sweetheart. I will walk the journey to life with you. I will be cheering you on, sharing in your pain, hugging you in comfort, be your source of strength as you are mine.

We will be going through a lot of things in this journey, baby love. I won’t be able to promise you that it will be a smooth ride all throughout. There will be a lot of bumps on the road – some small and some are big, and we will go through them together. Our lives will be a one bumpy ride but it will be the best road trip that we will ever have.

I love you so much, my son. You make my life complete. Thank you for choosing me to be your Mom. I promise that you will never regret it.

heaven sent <3 :-)

heaven sent


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Z Turns 2…

It’s been a week and a few days since we celebrated Z’s birthday. And it is just now that I am finding the time to blog about it. (Yeah, uber busy schedule and a scattered brain lately, those are to be blamed). So let me share how the party went.

A few months ago (I think it was mid-June) when I started thinking about what to do for Z’s birthday. I was torn between preparing for a party or just bring him to play somewhere. Up until middle of July, I was still undecided. But I already made inquiries online because I was leaning towards having a party at a fastfood place so as not to stress myself too much and apart from that, my family were all busy with work and other activities as well.

Come August, lo and behold, my first option for the party never responded to my inquiry. I still wonder if their online party reservation is working, though. And given that I only had 3 weeks left to prepare, I checked out Jollibee on one of the weekends that I went home to the mountain city. Good thing that I was able to make the reservation on the specific date and time that I wanted.

Come August 29, I almost didn’t make it home on time due to a rally along EDSA the night before that caused so much traffic and very long line for chance passengers (I forgot to book my ticket ahead of time, my fault) that it took me almost 6 hours of waiting to chance a ride. I got home at around 1230PM, just in time for me to take a quick shower and change clothes and to bathe Z and prepare his stuff.

The day was very gloomy and unfortunately, it rained hard and we had to revise the program – instead of doing the program proper before eating, we did it the other way around while waiting for the other guests. My guests are mostly my relatives and a few friends (a lot were not able to come due to conflict in schedule). :)

All in all, I think it was fun. I think my nephews and nieces and the other kids had fun as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an official photographer that day because my brother and his team was out of town for a project. Here are a few photos from the event before I move on to what I liked and didn’t like about the logistics of the party:

Jollitown theme

Jollitown theme

Jollitown cake from Red Ribbon

Jollitown cake from Red Ribbon

Game for the kids (didn't know what game this was, though :P )

Game for the kids (didn’t know what game this was, though :P )

Game for the adults (ballon relay)

Game for the adults (ballon relay)

Z and I <3

Z and I <3

Z was not fond of Jollibee :P

Z was not fond of Jollibee :P



The party was simple, no fuss, no add-ons. Just plain vanilla type Jollibee party. :D

Okay, so here’s what I liked about booking a kiddie party with Jollibee:

  1. Quick and easy, whether you book online or in-store. Once party is booked, all that’s left for you is to show up.
  2. They have complete amenities – cakes, balloons, game prizes, loot bags, name tags, party hats, etc.
  3. While they have food sets, you can still customize your own food set.
  4. They serve food quickly and efficiently.
  5. The host was great and friendly.

To sum it all up, for someone who’s got a busy schedule like me, booking a kiddie party (or even your own party for that matter) with Jollibee is very easy and they do meet your expectations. However, with a control-freak like me, there are still some things that I think are worth looking into and taken into consideration by Jollibee. Here are the things that I didn’t like:

  1. Booking online was easy until I got to the payment part. While there are other options provided in the terms and conditions for the payment, it only gives you an option to pay using credit card online. For some reason, the site did not accept my credit card but did not offer other payment options that I can do online. Maybe this can be further improved? :)
  2. In Baguio, there are about 9 Jollibee stores but only 2 stores have party areas. That limits the options for others who might be living nearer a different store. I was lucky since the store that I booked was actually nearer our place so it was convenient for us.
  3. For events like this, I tend to read and reread the terms and conditions before I finalize everything. On the T&C, it was indicated that a minimum down payment is Php3,000.00. When I went to the store to book the party, I was asked to pay 50% of the food order and 100% of the cake and party amenities. I was told that the one in the T&C was not updated. So there I paid what was required, only to read the T&C on the printed contract that I needed to sign – downpayment of Php3,000.00. This is confusing, you know. Either the T&C is correct or needs to be corrected.
  4. No room to customize or add decors and other party amenities. I was told by the manager that they do not allow other decorations (letter balloons, letter standees or the likes) that are not approved by Jollibee. Also, they do not allow cakes or food items that are bought from other stores, not even for display. And they do not allow bringing own loot bags since they provide that, too. Oh and they do not allow photo booths (say, what?!). Yep, a lot of things that cannot be done. Funny because I have attended a number of Jollibee parties and there were a lot of inclusions at the event place that are non-Jollibee products. Candy buffet for display only, customized cake and cupcakes for display as well, balloon designs and name standees were all allowed. And the reason I was told – Jollibee sticks to providing the standard Jollibee amenities so as not to have comparison with other stores. Well, guess what? I guess there is a need to lighten up a bit on the requirements?
  5. This was the unexpected one. It rained during the event. And I didn’t mean outside. Well, yes, there was a heavy downpour outside. What I meant was that, it rained inside the party place, too. About 5 light fixtures were leaking rain water. Or I think there were 6. Three in front and about three on the side where half of the guests were seated. Talk about having water falls inside. Talking with the crew after the party, I was told that this has been raised to the management but it seems that the management has not been doing anything about it. So, to the Jollibee Management of Legarda Rd store: You might want to look into the party place and fix all the leakages. It doesn’t really give a good impression to party guests who might be planning of booking a party at your store. It sure didn’t leave me a good impression about Jollibee after my son’s party.

And to end this post, I would like to say thank you to the two Jollibee crew who assisted with the party from start to finish. To Rochelle who assisted with the booking, reservation as well as on the event itself (Rochelle on the right):

Jollibee's back up dancers :P

Jollibee’s back up dancers :P

And to the party host, Jumel, thank you for making the party fun :D

The party host.. well recommended :)

The party host.. well recommended :)

I didn’t have any plans of getting a happyplus card since I do not frequent any Jollibee stores or even partner stores, but given the persistence of the Jollibee crew, I caved in and got one:



Til the next party planning. Need to start thinking of ideas as early as now so I won’t cram the next time.. :D


Letters to my Baby #49: Happy Awesome 2!

Dear Baby Love,

Happy birthday, sweetheart!


I can’t believe it’s been two years since I first laid eyes on you, Baby Love. The world around me just faded in the background when I first met you. And now that you’ve turned 2, it still feels the same – the world still fades into the background whenever I see you, especially when you flash those sweetest smiles of yours that melts the heart.

You are perfect. And you make me proud with all the achievements and milestones you meet, no matter how big or small. I couldn’t have asked for more, sweetheart, maybe except for time to go a bit slower so I can enjoy more time with you. It’s been getting a bit harder catching up with your growth and sometimes I am afraid that I will miss things.

For these last 12 months, I have seen you transition from being a baby to being a toddler. I couldn’t carry you anymore the way that I carried you when you were less than a year old. You have grown a lot taller as well, and a lot heavier for that matter. I love seeing your amazement with the things around you and I love that you get to easily enjoy the smalls things around you as well. You are well into the stage of discovery, sweetheart, and I know that for the next several months, your sense of discovery will be taken to new heights. I am looking forward to it, baby. :)

If others say terrible two’s, I’d say, welcome to awesome two, sweetheart! This will be one of the most awesome time in your life, I guarantee you that. :) There will  be a lot of learnings and discoveries and, this time, there will be a lot more experiences that you will get to enjoy (even if some would say that you wouldn’t remember when you grow up). I will get to know a lot more about you as well as you will grow into the person that you are destined to be.

I am excited for you, sweetheart! And I am looking forward to making more memories with you on your second year. Happy birthday, baby love. Mum loves you so much, don’t you ever forget that! <3


Love, Mum! <3 <3 <3

Time to Breathe…

I’ve been stressing myself out for the past few months now, it seems. Small, irrelevant things that I shouldn’t be giving the time of day but for some reason, those small stuff occupied a large part of my daily thoughts. I’ve been out of focus, not at-par with my standard in terms of my job performance (I deliver somehow, but I am not satisfied with how I’ve done it), I’ve been procrastinating on some things, and my writing sucks for quite some time. (Yep, I kinda noticed that).

Breathe-in-breathe-out technique sometimes doesn’t do its job any longer. It seems that I am always trying to run after something that always elude my reach. I wake up tired, I end my day tired, everything seems to be such a boring routine. I try to regroup but get suck back into the merry-go-round of whatever. I can’t even describe it.

Sometimes I do think that I am depressed. You know that feeling of being suffocated by all the things around you? I’m kinda feeling that. But more often than not, I think I just need a vacation. I need some time alone to think, to plan, to set my goals straight, and to come up with a strategy to achieve those goals. I need time to breathe. Really breathe. And let go of all the things that are bothering me.

There are times that I look back at my life and think, did I achieve anything relevant in the last decade that I can be proud of? Maybe a few, I am not sure. Or probably I am just setting such high expectations of myself, so high that I myself cannot achieve it. I guess that’s one.

One thing’s clear to me, though: I need to step away from my own chaotic mind and assess the damage I’ve done (well, figuratively). I think I can salvage some and work my way to setting those pieces of the puzzle straight. I just need to find the time to do so…