A Car Show and a Coffee Date…

It’s been a very busy day for the little boy and I yesterday. We had a full schedule of fun activities to do.🙂

When I saw the Facebook event for the Philippine International Motor Show, I immediately checked out the schedule and the cost of the tickets. Since it was happening around the payday weekend (whoopee me!😛 ), I marked the event on my calendar and planned to bring the little boy to see the cars. You see, the little boy is pretty much a car enthusiast, taking after his late Lolo Daddy. It was his first car show event.

Luckily, Z didn’t have therapy last Saturday and it was really weird that I found myself fully awake at 7:30AM. LOL! I think I was excited to bring the little boy to the event. We left the house at around 10AM and got to World Trade Center by 11AM. Yep, you guessed it. There was slow moving traffic going to the venue. It was fine, though. We’ve got time.

As soon as we got to the venue, we paid the entrance fee (Z was free🙂 ) then made our way to the main hall. There were a lot of people already, roaming around, checking out cars and taking selfies with and photos of the cars on display.😀 Z and I had our share of photos with the cars, too. Here’s a few of them:

Some of the cars on display and Z's reaction on pretty much all of the great displays :D

Some of the cars on display and Z’s reaction on pretty much all of the great displays😀


Nissan Juke, BenCab's Beetle and Kia Soul :P

Nissan Juke, BenCab’s Beetle and Kia Soul😛


Testing the wheel :D

Testing Nissan X-Trail’s wheel😀

Nissan was generous with the kids going around the venue.🙂 They gave Z a balloon and they also have giveaways for kids.

Coloring book containing Nissan's different car models plus crayons :)

Coloring book containing Nissan’s different car models plus crayons🙂

After an hour and a half of going around, we left the venue and tried to look for food within the area. Unfortunately, there were too many people and all tables are taken with diners. Then I saw a free shuttle ride being offered by Suzuki. I took advantage of the free ride and decided to get lunch at SM Mall of Asia instead. I signed their waiver for me, the little boy and Ate Lhen before riding the vehicle.🙂

Free shuttle by Suzuki (source)

Free shuttle by Suzuki (source)

I haven’t been to SM Mall of Asia for a long time. The place is just too far and it’s quite a hassle to go to. Well, I still knew where the food places are so I had pretty much an idea where to go look for a place to eat. After a few minutes of walking, we ended up at Lamesa Grill. I was not able to get a photo of the food since we were all hungry but while waiting for the food, as is with what we usually do, I took a photo of the three of us.


Waiting for lunch to be served

Lamesa Grill is quite small and there’s not much distance between one table to the next. That would mean that when taking group photos, more often than not, it cannot be avoided not to have a few unknown people in your photo. And that’s okay. But when someone intentionally photobombs your photo by posing, that’s just rude, don’t you think? So I had to wipe the face out of the photo before I posted it in my FB Timeline.

Anyway, our day didn’t end there. I told you we had a full day yesterday, right? After lunch (and after a few minutes of heavy downpour), we took a ride going to Bonifacio Highstreet to meet with a friend from the mountain city who moved to the big metro with her family due to work. The little boy and I napped for about an hour on our way to BHS.

I planned to wait for my hometown friends at Bo’s Coffee since I needed an outlet to charge my phone. Unfortunately, all tables near the outlets were taken so my phone remained dead the whole time we were at Highstreet. We had our coffee session there since we already didn’t want to move.

When mountain city people meet, they have coffee. Hot or cold, doesn't matter :)

When mountain city people meet, they have coffee. Hot or cold, doesn’t matter🙂

We strolled around Highstreet for a few minutes after coffee, letting the little boy run around before calling it a day. It was fun meeting friends from back home. Somehow, it makes me feel like the mountain city is just somewhere near the vicinity. Or something like that. It just makes your surroundings feel homey, you know what I mean?

Side story: I was having quite an animated conversation with my friend when all of a sudden, someone approached me to say hi. I looked at her and my mind literally went blank. I should know her but for some reason, she was not registering in my head. Until she said something that made it click. It was May of fullyhousewifed.com. She was with Nhessie of rolledin2onemom.com for coffee session, too. Gah! Man, that was really embarrassing. I am really bad with name and face recognition.  Sorry, May! I’ll make it up to you.🙂

Coming home, we had a quick dinner (thank God for left overs!) then the little boy slept.

It was a tiring day but it sure was a hell of a lot of fun. I had fun. Z had fun. Even Z’s nanny, Ate Lhen, had fun. And I believe my mountain city friends had fun, too.

Well, until the next car show.🙂


Blabber Chapter: September, September…

It felt like the start of the month just yesterday. Now, we are midway done with the month. Where did all those days go?

For some reason, I find this year to have gone by in a weird manner. Some days went by so fast, some days were too slow. And without realizing it, here we are, the first of the BER months. We’re still about 3 months away from Christmas and yet radio stations are already playing Christmas songs, even malls blast Christmas songs through their sound systems. Christmas decors are now being sold everywhere. Early Christmas shopping sales are being promoted, too. Well, too bad I don’t have the budget for an early Christmas shopping just yet. Priorities, priorities. Need to stop myself from impulsive spending. *sigh*


Cough and colds are back.😦 I think I might go visit the doctor for an antibiotic prescription now. I think this is due to the weather nowadays. The weather has been quite erratic lately – rainy, sunny, cloudy, stormy – and it’s hard to say if it’s going to be sunny in the next couple of days because even if forecasts would say it would be, the forecast suddenly changes the day before. It wasn’t like years ago when more or less, the forecast for the next 3 days are pretty much accurate. Climate change then? Maybe.


It’s been 4 months since we went home to the mountain city. And this is the longest stay of Z here in the big metro so far. It looks like he’s pretty much adjusted to the big metro life. Well, he’s not really a fussy kid. He’s just like any other kid who’s got mood swings every now and then.

Anyway, we’re going home for a short vacation next month. Spend some time with the family, meet with friends probably. It will be my Dad’s 4th year death anniversary as well. Don’t get me started on that just yet, otherwise, I will be crying buckets until I fall asleep again. But it will be good to be with family as we remember Dad.


Work. O.M.G. Work. Too much stress and tension at work nowadays. A lot has been going on lately and it seems that we’re all anxious with all of it. But then I can’t really talk much about that here. So, I’ll let things be. It’s going to be a sit-back-relax-or-not-but-wait-there’s-more-another-shoe-is-about-drop kind of moment. It just makes you want to sing that Greenday song “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. LOL!


I just got the photos of Z’s birthday party this week. It’s been sent by my brother since my sister’s having trouble with her internet connection. Looks great.🙂 I’ll be posting some of those photos soon, along with a review of the birthday event.🙂


It’s already 2:19AM on my side of the world. I’ve finished eating a bowl of instant noodles with egg (though I shouldn’t be eating at this time already since I am about to sleep anyway. As they say, you shouldn’t be eating 3-4 hours [is it?] before bed), I have run through my Facebook newsfeed (and I can only shake my head on what’s trending now), browsed through my personal email, unboxed the product samples that arrived today (whoopee! I can scratch fabric conditioner from my grocery list for the rest of the month🙂 ) and here I am, trying to unload my mind on this post.

Hey, I just remembered. You guys watched Train to Busan? Howcome Korean zombies run faster compared to American zombies? Have you noticed? Another thing – they infected others by biting people on the neck. Hmm, vampire hybrids? LOL! They also seem a lot more hyper than their American counterparts. Haha! Well, I enjoyed the movie. It actually gave me a good laugh.


Okay, I am ending this before I start on a lot of topics again and bore you to sleep. So, good night, my readers. I promise, the next posts will be a lot better. I’m still trying to edit photos and drafting the posts. Hopefully, I’ll have stories to share with you by this weekend.


Invest Now with the Sun Life Prosperity Card


One of today’s most in-demand celebrities, Matteo Guidicelli, is featured in the latest television commercial of Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI).  And get this: there’s not just one, but two Matteos going up against each other.

The TVC shows two Matteos with strikingly opposite tactics: one tries to impress by bragging his material possessions, including a new phone and a credit card, while the other woos her by promising a brighter future together with the help of the Sun Life Prosperity Card.

The Sun Life Prosperity Card is an investment card worth P5,000 which may be invested in any of the peso-denominated mutual funds managed by SLAMCI under its Sun Life Prosperity Funds. The first of its kind in the market, it has revolutionized mutual funds investing in the country.

“We wanted SLAMCI’s new TVC to encourage the audience to begin their investing journey with the Sun Life Prosperity Card because it’s an easy and convenient way to start building one’s brighter future,” explained SLAMCI president Valerie Pama. “By investing in mutual funds, one can make his money work harder for him, as against simply leaving all of it in the bank.”

To illustrate this point, Pama shared that a 91-day time deposit in a bank 10 years ago would have given 28% return; but for the same period, the Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund grew by 66%, while the money invested in the Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund would have earned 155%. Meanwhile, an investment in the Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund gained 221%.

“This is exactly why we want Filipinos, especially the youth, to start investing some of their money in mutual funds,” Pama said. “Instead of using up all of one’s money on trendy items that will soon be replaced by a new fad, why not invest it for the long term and watch it grow? The two Matteos in our TVC certainly highlighted that message in fun yet clear manner.”

For his part, Matteo said he had fun portraying two different personas. “It’s the first time I did such a project, and I definitely enjoyed playing both roles,” he said. “But what’s important is that we were able to bring home the message. It’s fun to have nice material things and be on YOLO mode, but what will happen to you if all your money runs out and you have nothing saved for the long-term?”

And if there’s one thing that Matteo knows, it’s that some things are definitely worth the wait. “Whether I’m doing sports or working on a showbiz project, I know that I need to be patient before I could see the results. Training for a competition takes time, and so does shooting a movie or recording an album. It’s the same thing when you invest your money – you have to grow it long-term before you can enjoy the benefits,” he explained. “You may have to wait a bit, but it’s always, always worth it!”

Catch SLAMCI’s latest TVC featuring Matteo Guidicelli on cable TV. To learn more about the Sun Life Prosperity Card and how you can start investing for a brighter future, visit sunlifeprosperity.com.ph.


Pigeon’s Only Moms Breastfeeding is Bestfeeding Advocacy…

August is known to be the breastfeeding month. And in line with this, Pigeon, together with SM Baby Company, launched its Only Moms Breastfeeding Advocacy. I love attending talks about breastfeeding because, even if my son no longer breastfeeds, I still get to learn a lot of things. Who knows, I might be able to apply those learnings in the near future.🙂

Anyway, last August 20, I attended Pigeon’s event held at SM Makati.


The event was hosted by the lovely Issa Liton:


The discussion was led by certified lactation counselor and breastfeeding advocate, Ms. Abbie Yabot, who provided tips and advice about breastfeeding solutions; Richwell Phils Inc., COO, Maye Yao Co Say also shared her insights on the importance of breastfeeding; and of course, Pigeon’s ambassador, Ms. Shamcey Supsup-Lee, who shared her own breastfeeding journey that every moms can relate to.

(L-R): Abbie Yabot, Shamcey Supsup-Lee, Maye Yao Co Say, Issa Liton

(L-R): Abbie Yabot, Shamcey Supsup-Lee, Maye Yao Co Say, Issa Liton

I have attended one breastfeeding discussion with Ms. Abbie Yabot months ago and I really learned a lot from her expertise. Listening to Richwell Phils Inc COO’s May Yao Co Say reiterate about the importance of breastfeeding as well as acknowledging the struggles and providing solutions through Pigeon’s products was very enlightening.

I was wondering why a first-time mom was chosen as ambassador by Pigeon but when I listened to Shamcey’s story, I now understand. Breastfeeding is not as easy as 1-2-3 as some would think. It takes a lot of trials and errors and a lot of help to really make it work. Shamcey’s breastfeeding journey is one that a lot of moms can relate to.

“I’ve always known I wanted to breastfeed, because I’ve been told about its many incomparable benefits,” Shamcey shared. “But I didn’t realize until I was actually breastfeeding just how hard it was. There were so many sleepless nights and crying. If I didn’t have my husband’s strong support, I would have quit easily.”

Shamcey Supsup-Lee and her first child, Nyke.

Shamcey Supsup-Lee and her first child, Nyke.

Breastfeeding is not the Mom’s sole responsibility. I mean, while it is the Mom who actually breastfeeds, the fathers are encouraged to provide all support needed by Mom and child. And one thing that I really enjoyed was watching Abbie’s husband, Mike Yabot, and Duncan Ramos leading the Dads in attendance in a pledge to support breastfeeding:



This video sums the event all up (taken from Pigeon’s FB page):


I had a chance to have a photo taken with Ms. Shamcey Supsup-Lee. Pardon my haggard look. I wasn’t really prepared to have a photo-op taken with a beauty queen.😛

with Ms. Shamcey Supsup-Lee, Pigeon's brand ambassador

with Ms. Shamcey Supsup-Lee, Pigeon’s brand ambassador

At the end of the event, I was able to bring home a loot bag consisting of Pigeon products. Since I no longer breastfeed, I sent these to my cousin in Baguio is currently breastfeeding her daughter. She has also become a breastfeeding peer counselor. I think she can use these more than I or my son do.🙂


event’s loot🙂


Like and follow Pigeon Philippines on Facebook, @pigeonbabyph on Instagram and Twitter for updates and more information on the Pigeon Only Moms Event, and check out www.pigeon.com.ph for the best baby and mom care solutions. 

Nutri10 Plus for my Growing Z…

Z has been taking vitamins since he was a baby and all of it has been prescribed by his pedia back home. Given all my son’s hospital confinement and diagnoses since birth and after switching pediatricians, I don’t give him anything without checking in with his pedia. You see, his pedia back home is a nutritionist as well so we got the best of both worlds. 😊

So when Wert Philippines sent me a few bottles of Nutri10 Plus to try, I was a bit hesitant since I am not able to consult with the pedia. So what I did was to compare the nutritional value of Z’s prescribed vitamins to that of Nutri10 Plus’s.

Wert Philippines’ Nutri10 Plus for Kids

Surprisingly, Nutri10 Plus has the almost the same nutritional value to that of Z’s prescribed vitamins plus it contains Vitamin C and Zinc. For me, that would mean combining Z’s two different supplements into one.

2.5ml per day for the little boy 😊

I’ve been giving Z Nutri10 Plus for about three weeks now and so far, there’s no decline in his appetite and he eats a lot. He can finish a big cup of rice by himself. Also, since we are into the rainy season and kids (as well as adults) are prone to sickness -like flu, cold and the likes – I have been monitoring Z for any signs like a hawk. I’ve had a bout of cough and cold a few weeks back and I was worried that Z may get it. Fortunately, he’s not had any bouts of it, not even the smallest sign or symptom, which I am really grateful for. Only goes to show how strong the immune system of the little boy is. He is still very active and it seems that he’s got unlimited energy during the day.

active little Z :)

active little Z🙂

Here’s the nutritional information of Nutri10 Plus syrup:

Nutritional Information (Syrup)

Components Each 5 mL (1 tsp.) contains  % RENI
Chlorella Growth Factor 100 mg *
Taurine  25 mg *
Lysine 300 mg *
Vitamin A (Palmitate) eq. to 420 RE 764 IU 105%
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) eq. to 5.25 mcg 210 IU 105%
Vitamin E (as Acetate) eq. to 9 mg TE 13.5 IU 90%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1 mg 111%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1 mg 100%
Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 15 mg 125%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 1.3 mg 100%
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 2.4 mcg 100%
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 60 mg 133%
Zinc, elemental 6.8 mg 100%

*No Established RENI (Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes per day)

All in all, I am glad to have tried Nutri10 Plus.


About Wert Philippines:

FDA licensed food and drug trader/distributor registered to SEC in March 2011 with manufacturers, which are accredited by cGMP and ISO. The company offers prescription drugs, consumer products and generic medicines resulting to the conception of the three major divisions:
1. The Ethical Drugs
2. The Family Consumer Healthcare
3. The Wert Generic Medicines

You can check their website at: www.wert.com.ph


SUN LIFE’S #liveBrighter Campaign: Millenials For A Financially Prepared Generation

The new generation of workforce, the Millenials, wants to grow with a company that respects their individuality while being part of a noble cause. Such opportunity is possible when one becomes a Financial Advisor. This is a door that Sun Life (of Canada) Philippines, Inc. opens wider with a recruitment drive called #LiveBrighter. It aims to present the profession as a career choice for Millennials who wish to have the time and resources to pursue their passions as they advocate financial foresight and planning.

“Millennials are known to be slashers as they juggle a lot of things live travelling, blogging, and other passion projects on top of their regular 8-5 jobs. It sounds very aspirational but how can they sustain this in terms of time and resources?” said Sun life Recruitment Manager Fin Bernardo. “With that in mind, we see that the profession of a Financial Advisor is a perfect fit for their lifestyle,” added Bernardo.

After introducing the Financial Advisor in popular culture thru its engagement with Cinema One’s Single/Single, Sun Life dishes out the #LiveBrighter Sessions. This is a series of meet-ups to show how a Financial Advisor lives up to the demands and rewards of the profession. It aims to reach more Millennials and send them the message that their dream job is just here all along.

L-R (Arriane Serafico, Agnes Cuaso, Host)

Guided by the core values of a Sun Life Financial Advisor- caring, professional, inspiring, and winning – #LiveBrighter Sessions will give a taste of the benefits one can enjoy in choosing this particular career path. More than the chance to earn unlimited income, it also provides perks such as all-expense travel and the freedom to work with an unbridled schedule.
With more Filipinos keen on getting insurance and investment products, the possibilities for new Advisors are endless. “We need more Financial Advisors to educate Filipinos on the importance of preparing for unexpected life’s events and offer them solutions that let them have Money For Life,” explained Bernardo.

Choose to #LiveBrighter now. Register to the next #LiveBrighter Forum by visiting bit.ly/LiveBrighter.

About Sun Life Financial

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies, a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individuals and corporate customers. Sun Life Financial and its partners have operations in key markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of March 31, 2016, the Sun Life Financial group of companies had total assets under management of $861 billion.

Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippines (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.

Just Checking in…

It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted. How did that happen?! LOL!

It’s been a very busy month at work and it will get busier by next month. We are in the middle of transitions this month so there are quite a few turnovers and a lot more tasks at hand. At the same time, I’ve been cramming on planning Z’s 3rd birthday party. So, for the past couple of weeks, I have been juggling Z’s therapy sessions, being a Mom, employee responsibilities, and party planning. It’s a lot and quite overwhelming for this momma who is so much in need of a massage. Seriously.

Anyway, I have a few things lined up for posting in the next few weeks: my nanny diaries is still in the works, #bakerwannabe series is in the pipeline, Z’s party planning (including a few feedback regarding a couple of party providers) and a few more. I’m excited to share these stories with you so watch out for it.🙂

This is just a short note, actually. Nothing much to say for now since my brains may have already gone down the weekend drain. LOL!

This is me at this hour:


panda eyes, crazy eyes… still awake at 2AM..😛

Oh well, goodnight y’all!🙂