Mommy Mundo Event: Expo Kid 2015

Thinking of activities to do with your kids next weekend? Why not check out Mommy Mundo’s event at Rockwell, Makati? :D



The event is all about activities for kids of all ages that will help stimulate their minds, energize their bodies, build their self-esteem and nourish their spirits. There are also scheduled demos and talks and of course, not to miss out the Mommy Mundo market.

Huggies with Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan will also have a special activity for kids from 6 months to 3 years old. First 200 registrants will receive a gift pack from Huggies. Text 0908-8657245 to register.

For more details on the upcoming event, please check out the events page and MommyMundo’s website.


***Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I just happened to enjoy Mommy Mundo’s events and would like to share this as well :) ***


Still Alive…

I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I wanted to these past few weeks because I have been very busy with work lately. One issue after another, all piling up and resolution is not as quick as we have wanted it to be. Sometimes, that is the dilemma that I encounter with working with people in different time zones all at time.

Anyway, it is already February, the shortest month of the year and yet, almost always, feels like the longest month ever. We are already in the second week so far and I am so wanting this month to end already. Hopefully by then, work load would have stabilized.

I really don’t have anything in mind to talk about right now. I just wanted to post something for the sake of posting and for letting my readers and followers know that I am still alive – just busy. 😁

This month is Down Syndrome Awareness month and if you have been following my blog for quite sometime, you would already know that my son has Down Syndrome. I have been planning to write about our journey so far for the longest time but I just didn’t know how to go through about it. I’ve had something drafted already and hopefully I can finalize it this month so I can share with you all.

For now, I hope you be patient with me while I try to stabilize my chaotic work schedule and level load my team’s tasks. Once we are settled and back to a somewhat normal routine, I sure will be pestering your readers with my non-sense, rants, something to share posts and all that.

I am still alive, survivng and – twisted as it may seem – having the most fun time at work amidst all the issues and chaos around me. #workaholicmomma :mrgreen:

The Life of a Far Away Momma

Being a single working mom is already hard on its own. Being a single working mom away from your child/ren is doubly hard. Some people would think that we have it easy since someone else takes care of our child, that we can live the life the way we used to. But that is not the case. Well, not for me anyway.

I have a very supportive family who takes care of my son while I work. The thing is, they live more than a 100 miles away from me. That is about 6 hours’ commute by regular bus, 4-5 hours’ commute by deluxe bus, or about 3-4 hours’ drive if you have a car. Commuting daily is not an option. Commuting weekly is a more reasonable option.

Some people might say we are lucky because someone is willing to take care of our kids. We don’t have a baby/toddler routine to perform every morning before we go to work, we don’t have any baby/toddler duties when we come home from work, etc. All we have to think about is getting ready for work and coming home to sleep. We are indeed lucky, aren’t we?

The thing is, I don’t see it that way. Let me count the ways why I don’t feel lucky by being a far away momma:

  • I don’t get to open my eyes every morning with two pudgy hands holding my face, a pair of brown eyes staring back at me, and a smiling face ready to give me a sloppy morning kiss.
  • I don’t get to have an excuse to be late for work because my son is not yet done giggling after a tickle game and listening to him giggle and laugh is music to my ears.
  • I don’t get to have goodbye kisses before I leave for work and I don’t get to have more kisses when I get home from work.
  • Not being able to call home to talk to my son every single day at work makes me feel guilty and I cannot make it up to him when I get home from work. I can only make it up to him on the weekends.
  • I come home to an empty and quiet apartment, void of my son’s laughter.
  • My house may be clean but I would rather see my son with all his toys scattered around the living room.
  • I miss my son every single day that I am away from him and I could stare at his photos for so long I sometimes forget  I still have work to do.
  • I don’t get to have the chance of reading my son a bedtime story before putting him to sleep. I can only do so on the weekends.

Probably, the only thing that I feel lucky about is the fact that I can go home during the weekends (with the exception of having weekend work or when I get sick and need to rest). But that is comparing it from moms who have to work overseas.

Being a far away momma is lonely. That’s why I always look forward to the days that I get to spend time with my son. Even if a weekend is too short, I try to make every single minute count. This kind of life is hard but sometimes it has to be done. I need to think of my son’s future as well.

Any single moms or far away mommas out there? I would love to hear your stories…



Forgetful Momma

It’s the 30th already in this side of the world. My brain is overloaded with a lot of information due to the project that we have just launched. I have been in several calls today, been an all around helpdesk, running back and forth from one area to another.

I am feeling drained. My body hurts from being cooped in an airconditioned room, sitting in front of my laptop, reading emails and answering emails and staring at spreadsheets the whole day. I am exhausted.

And then I come home today in a very quiet, lonely apartment and stare at my son’s photo on my tablet screen and realized that I forgot to call my son to greet him a happy 17th month. :'(

My son is now 17 months old. Where has time gone by? My son is growing up so fast and I know I am missing a lot of his milestones. I feel like a failure for forgetting to greet him on his special day.

You may say that I am beating myself up for this. I mean, what’s a month, right? He’s my unico hijo, my only son (and I don’t know if I will ever have any other at this point), and I am not the ideal mom right now. Not even the kind of mom that I have envisioned I would be. Who forgets her child’s monthly celebration, anyway?
I need to stop beating myself up. But for now, I just need to do so. I just hope that I wouldn’t forget it again. 

Letters to My Baby #47: Faraway…

Dear Baby Love,

I haven’t seen you for a week now and I miss you terribly. I hope you are behaving there at home. I haven’t been a very good Mom lately as I was only able to you three times last week.

I miss you, sweetheart. I miss our play time and bonding moments. I miss watching you sleep, I miss listening to your voice and just watching you do your new antics.

You are growing so fast, sweetheart, and I am missing a lot of your firsts. And as much as I would like to be with you 24/7, our circumstances doesn’t allow us that just yet.

Mommy has to work hard far away from you for the mean time so that in the future (and I hope that will be very soon), we will be together. I would love the idea of coming home to you every night after work and being awaken by you in the mornings. I can’t wait for that to happen.

I realize that I now have a lot of shortcomings as your Mom and I hope that I will be able to make it up to you before it becomes too late.

I’m sorry for the kind of set up that we have right now, baby love, but I am grateful that your Mama Nana, Mamita, Uncle and other Lolas are there to watch over you while I work.

Always remember that I love you and even if I am away, you are never out of my mind. I always think about you regardless of how busy I get and having you in mind makes me want to work harder so I can provide you with what you need, including spending quality time together.

I love you so much, sweetheart, and I miss you every single day. I will see you when I get home I assure you that we will have fun again just like we always do.

Be good to everyone back home, yes? :-)

Lota of hugs and lot of kisses, baby.



Weekend Work

I have been ignoring this blog for this month. So far, I have not posted anything “relevant” of sorts. And I miss this. I miss blogging.

It has been a very hectic month. We are almost at the end of the project we are working on, and the closer we get to out go live date, the busier we get, the longer hours we work to the point of losing our weekend.

I just got home from a 12-hour stint at the office on a Sunday. Yesterday, it was 16 hours. The day before that was another 12 hours, 2 days before was 14 hours and 3 days before yesterday was another 16-hour stint. I know, I know. I have been working on an average of 14 hours per day. It cannot be helped for now. That is what I call dedication. Har har! (I’m just trying to convince myself here that this is all worth it :-P  ).

Anyway, tomorrow will be the start of another work week and having no weekend is not an excuse to take a vacation leave in the middle of things. We gotta be a team player here. Especially now that we are at the final stretch.

I might be exhausted and anxious about the outcome but at the same time, I am excited. I enjoy these kinds of challenges at work. It doesn’t matter if I get promoted or not. I am more about the experience and the knowledge I learn from all of these. If others hate working tough jobs and long hours, twisted as it may seem, I enjoy it.

I love my job and I love what I do. I just hate the politics that come with it but it is something that I know I have to live with. :-P
Oh well, my weekend work doesn’t end with my job. I still have household chores that I have been ignoring that I need to take care of now.

And I still have to be early tomorrow for another meeting. Oh yikes! Talk about being uber busy.

Hopefully I will be able to post something that will be more worth reading within the week. *crossing my fingers and toes*

Ok, I’ll stop now.. Laundry’s waiting :-P

My Thoughts On The Papal Visit

Before anything else, let me write my disclaimer down:

This post is not meant to insult any religion, belief or faith nor do I intend to insult anyone. I am merely writing down my thoughts on what I know is a very sensitive topic for the majority of the people who might get to read this. I am not trying to look down at anything or even trying to be superior in terms of beliefs over anyone else’s. I would just like to “think out loud”, to simply put, in the hopes that maybe, there will be some readers out there who will be helpful enough to comment their reactions, thoughts and probably answers to some of the questions that I have. Should there be anyone that I unintentionally offend with this post, let me make my apologies now and I hope you also try to see things from where I am standing. :) Again, this is not meant to criticize nor look down or even mock others’s beliefs so please bear with me.

So here goes:

When Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines, I was still in grade school. As I was already in a Public school that time where majority of the students and faculty are Catholics, we were taught to sing the anthem (do you call it that?) for the visit. I was included in some sort of Religion classes of sorts to learn about the Pope (I couldn’t remember anything about it, though) and if I remember it correctly, everywhere I passed by within the campus, there were discussions about the Pope’s visit in the country.

Given that my family is Born-Again Christians, I didn’t even know what a Pope is for. I grew up only knowing the Pastors in our church, the priests in my previous school (an Anglican private school) and probably Cardinal Sin because he was almost always in the news before. So I just went through the motions thinking that the activities that we were asked to do was part of the curriculum.

Fast forward to a couple of decades later, the new Pope visits the Philippines. Earlier today, Pope Francis II landed and had his motorcade from the airport going to his home for a couple of days. He will be visiting Tacloban as well over the weekend, I think, then he will depart on Monday.

I haven’t been following the news (well, I don’t watch the news, to be honest) that appears in my Facebook newsfeed but I have read a few. The country has really prepared for his arrival. Isuzu customized one of the Papal mobiles that was used earlier and I’ve read that there is another one made that will be used tomorrow, I think. The days when the Pope is here has been declared special non-working holidays, too, but only in the big metro. There was even a news article that came out and has become viral about caging street children for the next few days so they won’t be loitering the streets. (If that is true, I really find that action disgusting).

Watching the news clips earlier, there were a lot of people who went to the airport, lined up and waited for the arrival of the Pope. Everybody was excited, everybody was emotional. As the motorcade passed the street filled with people, the Pope waved to the people and the people cheered on. There were a lot of cameras flashing away, twinkling like stars in all the videos that I’ve watched. Then I read a few status updates as well about their encounters and all that.

Then everything got me thinking.

Before anything else, like I said, I grew up as a Born-Again Christian. Though I have been a non-practicing Christian now and haven’t been attending church for a few years now (I have my reasons for this and catching up on sleep is not one of them), my faith has been tested to the breaking point, as I write this down, let me say that I still keep my own faith.

Going back… Our country has made a lot of preparations for the arrival of the Pope. He deplaned and walked on red carpet complete with a grand entourage, military men scattered across the street to ensure the Pope’s safety and security, all media companies covering his arrival and all that. He was treated more than a royalty, in my opinion.

Then here comes the status updates I have been seeing in social media the whole day. A lot were saying they are “feeling blessed” and the likes. I started getting confused.

From what I understand, the Pope is the highest rank in the Catholic church leader hierarchy. (If my understanding is wrong, please do correct me). So, it is like he is the President of the whole Catholic church and I think he has a lot of responsibilities piled on his plate.

So what makes the Pope’s visiting a country so special? What sets them apart from any dignitaries visiting the country? The red carpet treatment and the secured motorcade somehow reminded me of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem where people threw their cloaks on the ground where Jesus’ donkey was going to pass by. Does that mean that the Pope is treated like Jesus?

I have high respect for the Pope even if I am not a Catholic because somehow, I find him a lot different from the previous one and he definitely has a kinder and more gentle approach to things compared to some devotees I have met in my life. Anyway, the Pope’s treatment is the least of my concerns, I just had to get that out there in the hopes that someone could explain a few things to me. :) I would grately appreciate the education.

Now that the Pope is here, people are feeling blessed. May I ask why? What impact does the Pope’s visit have in your lives? Will his visit (including listening to his homily) make a great impact on one’s belief and faith? Will it make a person change for the better in the future? Or is feeling blessed hashtag included in some status posts is just there to ride on the current trend in the cyberworld? Has anyone ever thought of the real reason why they are really blessed for having the Pope in our country?

I am not sure if I have articulated my questions in a way that won’t offend anyone and I am sure I missed out some other pertinent questions in my head trying to get out but I think I will leave it at that for now.

Anything about religion, faith, beliefs and politics are hard topics to write about, so again, I tried my best and I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

Have a blessed day! :)