Product Review: MamyPoko Extra Soft Pants

For about a year now, I have been buying the little boy’s diapers from Lazada because, with all the promos they have, I find it cheaper to buy diapers from them than from the supermarkets. So with every promo period they have, I buy about 2-3 boxes of diapers which is good for about 2-3 months. I get to have big savings in the end.

I have preferred a different brand of diaper for the little boy since he was born but I have tried a few brands out there and to my dismay, I really wasn’t satisfied with the other brands. I have even tried a couple of MamyPoko variants but I found those variants not up to par with my preferred brand.

Last month, I saw Lazada’s promo for MamyPoko. With every purchase of MamyPoko diapers from Lazada using the code “FLYTOJAPAN”, you get a chance to win a trip to Japan for 2. Great deal, isn’t it? You can check the mechanics here. I was also chosen to receive a sample of MamyPoko pants to review so I gave it a go.


MamyPoko Pants for testing

I received this earlier this month but I opted to delay trying this out on the little boy until the holidays when we are home in the mountain city (aka Baguio City). This is for the reason that, given that the place is colder than in the big metro, the little boy’s diaper usage will really be tested. On the average, the little boy uses about 3 diapers each day when we are in the big metro – one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening when he goes to bed. In the mountain city, he uses about 4-5 diapers each day.

When I opened the pack and got one out, I was surprised to find a different kind of diaper compared to what I expected it to look. This one looks softer, more cloth-like texture with sturdier waist-band. It doesn’t look like it will tear easily. And it came with cute Winnie the Pooh designs on the front and the back.





I didn’t realize though that there were 6 different designs and I wasn’t able to take a photo of all the cute designs they’ve got. Each nappy also comes with a roll-up tape at the back. This makes it easier for the soiled nappy to dispose. The package comes with instructions for disposal, too. Isn’t that cool?

roll-up tape for disposal

roll-up tape for disposal

OK, for the verdict. Here are the things I love about the MamyPoko Extra Soft Pants:

  1. While I am not well-versed with the specific materials used in diapers, I really like the outcome of MamyPoko Extra Soft Pants. The nappies are of soft, cottony-like materials but sturdy enough not to break when it is full of pee. The little boy didn’t get any rashes as well since the nappy is made of breathable materials. The seams are well sealed as well and doesn’t easily tear or break when putting it on the little boy.
  2. The waist band is wide but has a really nice fit. It doesn’t leave any marks on the little boy’s skin and it holds up pretty well when the nappy is already full. When the little boy’s pants is falling, the nappy stays in place. Oh and when the nappy is full, it is not bulky. Well, it is really not bulky whether it is full or not. And I love that. 🙂
  3. With the few days that the little boy wore this MamyPoko pants, I have yet to see one nappy that leaked. No leakages on this one. And when the nappy is full, the inside seams doesn’t tear and brings out gel-type materials out of it. No messy little gel-type thingy to clean from the little boy’s behind, that’s for sure.
  4. I love the roll-up tape. For diapers that comes with tabs, it is easily to dispose because you can use the tabs to tape the diaper shut after rolling it up. Most of the diaper pants I’ve seen doesn’t come with tabs to seal the soiled nappy with, so having this rolled-up tape included makes it easier to dispose the soiled nappy.
  5. The packaging comes with a lot of information: How To Wear, How To Dispose, Precautions, size charting and even the materials used. I was actually surprised to see that they have a XXXL size. I honestly didn’t know of any other diaper that has this size in their offering. And here I was, starting to get a bit worried about needing a larger sized diaper if the little boy still wouldn’t be potty trained. He’s already using a XXL size and we are still working on his potty training so knowing that there is a XXXL size out there is a relief as I now have a plan B in case potty training fails in the next few months.

If there’s one thing that I don’t like about MamyPoko Extra Soft Pants, it will be the price. LOL! I really find this variety is really expensive – it’s about 3x the price of the current diaper my little boy uses. And using this long term will really put a dent in my budget plan. But, given how good this one is, I think the price has been justified. Will I continue to use this? Occasionally, yes. While I would not be able to afford this for daily use, this is a great nappy to have during travels since I would not need to worry about diaper changes or even leakages in the middle of the trip or any event.

So there. This variant really made me change my views on MamyPoko diapers, that’s for sure.

You can purchase MamyPoko from Lazada or in any leading supermarkets, groceries and drugstores. And if you purchase MamyPoko from Lazada, make sure to use the promo code “FLYTOJAPAN” to qualify for the promo. Promo runs until December 31, 2016. You still have a few days left to make your purchases. 🙂



Disclaimer: Some links contain affiliate links which would mean that when you make a purchase using such link, I may get commissions from it. You will not pay any additional charges when using these links. 

42 thoughts on “Product Review: MamyPoko Extra Soft Pants

  1. My son used Mamy Poko pants when he was a toddler. I love that he didn’t get any rashes (he did when we used the more expensive brands) and that we didn’t have to worry about leaks. I never tried buying diapers from Lazada. I would have had I known they have it there!

  2. I have never tried Mommy Poko pants on my son. Ung ginagamit nya, pay medyo out of stock na dito sa bahay, we resort to buying one in the store. And what does the store usually offer? Pampers. hehe. So Pampers and Huggies si Nate. But now, pag lumalabas na lang sya nag dadiaper! yay! Speaking of savings!

  3. I’m glad that my son is already diaper free since he was 2. We tried Mamypoko before pero mas hiyang ng baby ko yung Huggies. I think depende ren kung san hiyang yung skin ng bata. Otherwise, still a good review. 🙂

    • Agree! My son uses Huggies, too, since he was a newborn but I like the US version of it better than the one used locally. Though this one really exceeds my expectations in terms of diapers. 🙂

    • My son naman is a Huggies user since newborn. Though I’ve tried other brands every now and then. So far, MamyPoko, specifically this variant, tops the charts. I just find it a bit expensive for everyday use though.

    • I had a bad experience with one of their variants, I think it was the Easy to wear pants. It was the one that tears and scatters gels across my son’s bum. So this one really exceeded my expectation.

  4. We used this too when the kids were still small but we reserve them for special occasions because it was a bit costly compared to other brands. I have to say it never disappointed me. 🙂

  5. We use MamyPoko diapers when my son’s still a newborn. Hindi pa kasi kasya ang cloth diapers sa kanya noon. And I must say, isa ito sa magagandang brands ng disposable diapers. No leaks talaga sya sa amin kahit for overnight use. 🙂

    • I think it is because it looks more like an underwear rather than the typical looking diaper (usually called the taped one because of the sticky tabs to secure the nappy). 🙂

  6. I first learned of MamyPoko 14 years ago through a cousin nurse. She recommended that I use it for my firstborn. I often complain to her then that most nappies I have tried were a waste of money. I was satisfied and since then we use Mamy Poko. It is still the brand I use to my now 15 month old baby.

  7. Tried this brand when my son was few days old palang. I love this but I find their sizes smaller than other brands like Drypers and Eq. I like the roll-up tape for disposal idea!

  8. The prints are nice. Mommy Poko is indeed quite pricey as compared to other brands. So, I preferred a different brand instead. I’m just glad that diapers are no longer part of my budget since my kids are all grown.

  9. I’ve used Mamy Poko diapers back when my son was a few months old. Now that he’s a toddler I’ve been using a more affordable brand of pants for him. We normally use cloth diapers at home and use disposables only when we’ll be out for more than 2 hours. He has become too makulit na and I need a kind of the diaper that would be difficult for him to remove. 🙂

    • The pants would definitely be the perfect fit for him. 🙂 I planned to use cloth diapers before too but ditched the idea because no one could do the laundry everyday (didn’t have a nanny back then). 😀

  10. I haven’t tried this brand for the kids although a friend of mine bought the wrong size and just gifted it to me. The new baby will have a chance to use it, although not until she’s much bigger though as it’s a size L. Hehe

  11. It is stressful to look for the most suitable diaper for our children, good thing mums nowadays have so many options to choose from. This brand looks promising. I sure would consider this the next time I have a baby! 🙂

  12. I didn’t try MamyPoko for any of my kids. My baby now is only 4 months old so he’s too young to use the pants type of diapers. When he’s older we just might give this a try

  13. This will be extra useful sa mga may babies 🙂 haha, I hope I was a blogger na during those diaper years. Mamy Poko is a prominent brand and I know moms will appreciate this informative post.

  14. Chelsea use a different brand of diapers. She still wear diapers when we go out. Its a nice and detailed review.We buy some stuff in Lazada, especially if there’s a sale or promo.

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